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As all business becomes more digital, the need for cyber-secure IT services and protection against digital threat is more prominent.

If it’s not already, cyber security should be high on the business agenda. Every element should be considered from early detection and education to the protection and recovery of normal business functionality. Being cyber secure isn’t just about knowing what to do when your business is attacked, it’s about protecting all angles- your employees, customers, data, supply chain and reputation.

C2S works in partnership with UK expert and South West Digital Lead, Professor Richard Benham, along with the Official Partners Bamboo Technology Group and other leading organisations to bring you the latest news and updates to keep your business resilient to threat in the digital age.

We champion excellence and best practice, working together to combat Cybercrime. We hold quarterly Focus Groups looking at technology and cyber security, open to members and non-members, to discuss and debate the challenges faced, and to bring you the latest updates, drive positive change and make a real difference.