30 years with leading, best in class, blue chip companies, in 4 different sectors, with 17 different job titles, selling everything from bars of soap to bars of gold AND I’d been paid all that time to do just ONE thing – improve the performance of the business!

I’ve walked the talk and got the grey hairs from having lived with the consequences of my decisions and the actions of my teams, day in and day out, over many years; and I’m now sharing that knowledge, experience and expertise with ambitious SMEs who want to improve the performance of their business.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

The experience with these leading companies (including 20 years in the boardroom) taught me about strategy and challenge.

Strategy doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be deliverable; AND irrespective of size, shape or sector the 3 most common challenges facing business Leaders are how to improve the performance of their people, the profitability of their products and the productivity of their processes, and that doesn’t have to be complicated either.

A business based on Purpose, Values and Principles.

I started my working life at Procter and Gamble in sales and marketing where I learnt the importance of taking responsibility, clear communication, customer focus, teamwork, respect and doing the right thing. In essence how to run a business based on Purpose, Values and Principles.

On that solid foundation I developed my expertise as an innovative strategist, detailed implementer and leader of multi-disciplined teams to deliver: strategic, operational and behavioural change; including business exits, post-acquisition integration, company harmonisation and profitable business growth.

What worked for the BIG Companies can work for the SME’s.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SME’s with their Strategic and Leadership challenges