After 30 years with best in class, global blue-chip companies including the likes of Procter & Gamble and Williams Holdings, I founded The Value Innovator in 2013 – a “me-only-company” to support ambitious SMEs with easy access to my leading company experience and transformational expertise, specifically in the areas of leadership and strategy.

I’ve walked the talk and got the grey hairs from having lived with the consequences of my decisions and the actions of my teams, day in and day out, over many years, in many situations, which enable me to draw on my extensive experience and proven expertise to add value to client businesses and their people.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SME’s through the delivery of workshops, away days, board facilitation AND increasingly 1-2-1 Mentoring – at the close of 2021 66% of my mentees were women leading businesses. If you’d like to ask them about me – ask me and I’ll introduce you… or you could just review the testimonials on my website.

I have worked in companies with revenues of hundreds of thousands, to hundreds of millions and found that the challenges tend to be the same, just with a few more or a few less noughts attached. I found that strategy does not have to be complicated, but it does have to be deliverable; and irrespective of the size, shape, or sector the 3 most common challenges facing business Leaders are how to: improve the performance of their people; the profitability of their products and the productivity of their processes; and that doesn’t have to be complicated either.

In the course of a long, and eventful career that spans business integrations, exits and turn-rounds (e.g., £7m loss to £17k profit in 2 years), profitable product innovation (e.g., tripling price points), improved process productivity (in administration, production, distribution, sales, marketing) and of course sales growth (adding 19.3% GfK market share). I have marketed national brands and industry brands, grown existing sectors, and created new sectors, launched new products from the basic commodity to the highly innovative and led multi-disciplined, multi-cultural teams to deliver strategic, operational & behavioural change in the UK, Europe, and Asia – even selling into China, for China to sell onto the UK and USA.

What worked for the BIG Companies can work for the SME’s.

My knowledge, experience and expertise enable me to offer SMEs a valuable perspective on how to successfully address their challenges and opportunities.