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The circle2Success TV channel that brings you insightful interviews with business leaders and experts in their field, tackling current challenges and having topical conversations.

C2S.TV talks Leadership, Sustainability, People, Covid, Manufacturing, Construction, Communications, Infrastructure, Innovation and much more………..

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Episode 3 – Jonathon Porritt 

Jonathon Porritt, Author, Broadcaster and expert in his field talks climate change, sustainability, narrowing the gap, the reality of the next 10 years, supply chain and policies.

Kevin Gates

Managing Director - Neoperl UK Ltd

Talking Manufacturing, Leadership & People

Neil Madle

City Manager - City Fibre Ltd

Talking Infrastructure, Technology, Smart Cities and future proofing our business and country.

Nicola Bell

Safety & Business Development Director & MD of the Construction Skills Accelerator Centre - KW Bell Group

Talking Construction, Family Business, Leadership & Skills

Edward Davies

Managing Director - Viper Innovation

Talking Innovation & Resilience

Dale Parmenter


Talking Communication and Leadership

Lindsey Young

COO - Clarkson Evans Ltd

Talking COVID Crisis and Recovery