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The roadmap to revenue growth…

The Sandler Selling System is used by corporations, SMEs and start-ups around the world, including big names like Linkedin, Google, IBM, Citi Group, Indeed, Dropbox, British Airways, Sage, Oracle and more…

It gives owners, directors, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs a step-by-step formula for kick-starting and sustaining profitable growth without added stress, longer hours or high-pressure sales tactics.

About Sandler Training in the Heart of England

Communication is key with Sandler Training. In fact, communication is key to everything you do – from sales, to leadership, to service, and beyond. So long as you clearly understand how you communicate and the communication style of those you interact with, you’ll be able to turn focused conversations into actionable opportunities.

Meet Nigel Dunand & Paul Hillis

With a background in engineering and many years spent in Industrial Automation, Nigel was frustrated with the lack of predictability of the sales and business development process. When Nigel stumbled across the Sandler concept, he knew the counter-intuitive, systematic process for selling would provide the predictable success for which he was looking for as an engineer.

His goal as a Sandler Trainer is to provide an alternative selling solution to the very traditional sales process in which the buyer and seller become entrenched in a power struggle.

Nigel works with open minded, committed, and ambitious business people to implement this proven methodology into their world. He is an award winning coach, trainer and speaker. Available for speaking engagements to challenge, educate, entertain …and prompt action.

Paul has had a successful, almost 20 year career in sales, and has always enjoyed it. But a few things always bothered him:

– How difficult it was to find qualified leads that could turn into meaningful conversations.
– Enthusiastic prospects who quickly vanished the minute they got a quote or proposal.
– Constant pressure to discount and deals often coming down to price

Most of all he hated being treated like a dodgy salesperson, rather than the respected business person he was.

One day, he came across a copy of David Sandler’s book ‘You Can’t Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar’.

This book changed everything for him.  Today, Paul works with owners, directors and entrepreneurs who are ambitious and doing well but aware that sales is the bottleneck to growth in their business.

Usually, they are frustrated that they or their teams are:

1.) Not consistently meeting as many quality potential customers as needed to hit their growth targets.

2). Not converting as many of those opportunities within the right time-frame to realise their forecasts.

3). Discounting too frequently, or making other concessions, to get deals over the line.

If any of those ring a bell, and if you’re open-minded to new ideas, he can tell you if and how you could kick-start rapid 10-25% revenue growth in the next 90 days, during a short meeting.