The Sound Doctor

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A complete, disruptive solution for keeping your workforce happy, healthy and in work

TeamDoctor has a unique offering for the workplace. We offer health and wellbeing content which is NHS endorsed, very well evaluated and designed to help people better understand workplace health issues and give them the tools to manage those issues differently. Many of the most common health issues which affect people at work come could be improved through education and very small behaviour changes. Without that knowledge, people can’t make those small changes which make a big difference.

We address stress, anxiety, depression, workplace relationships, sleep, eating, exercise and other environmental factors, and address management approach and structures in the context of improving the health and therefore the happiness of all staff.

We don’t use gimmicks. We don’t provide superficial lifestyle advice abundant on YouTube. All our health content adheres to NICE guidelines and is clinically reviewed on a regular basis.

We improve health and wellbeing of staff, we improve managerial structures and as a result we improve attitudes and productivity in the workplace.

The Problem

137 million working days are lost each year through absence in the UK – some of them in your company.

80 million days are lost as a result of three solvable problems:

Back and other joint pain

Coughs, colds and minor illnesses

Mental health issues

Each day a colleague is absent costs money. Each day a colleague is absent reduces productivity and profit. Harvard Business Review, in a study of 20,000 employees, found that companies which focus on mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing are 20% more profitable and have 10% higher customer reviews.

 The Programmes

 Films, animations, podcasts and interactive e-learning courses

Coherent, engaging, easy to access content to help people understand and manage or avoid the common causes of absence.  Our short films and animations have been proven to promote positive behaviour change in NHS evaluations.

Nationally accredited e-learning courses, split into manageable modules, available for colleagues and their families to watch at their own pace, in their own time.

We also create bespoke material to address your individual employee issues and circumstances.

The quality of the films are, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”

Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor Public Health England

Expert group or one-to-one counselling

We specialise in improving teamwork and developing leadership. We have created an effective model based on transferring the success of elite sports teams into business. The model shows how good leadership and organisational structure improve the engagement and wellbeing of employees. Engagement increases a sense of purpose and fulfilment, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Proper training and enabling employees to do what they do best also increases productivity and decreases stress.