Welcome to Tidal Training Direct Ltd.

Innovative, engaging and gold standard workplace first aid training through out the United Kingdom.

We believe that people are the most valuable asset in every business.  In 2019, there were 147 fatal (1) and 71,062 non fatal (2) reported employee injuries in the workplace. This cost British industry over £15 billion in annual costs of injury and related cases of ill health. Sources 1 HSE 2020 and 2 HSE 2016/7 Labour Force Survey.

We understand risk is inherent part of everyday life both in and out of the workplace. Risk can be mitigated through training, education, skills and knowledge. Precise and fit for purpose first aid training helps employees to be more aware of safety in the workplace and leads to a reduced number of accident and injuries. We believe that learning the skills needed to help someone in the event of an accident, injury or emergency is beneficial to everyone.

First aid training supports the legal requirement for adequate first aid provision in The Health and Safety Executive guidelines as set out in The Health and Safety Act (First Aid) Act 1981. Ensuring precise and robust compliance also supports the wider health and safety framework, and helps to build a solid infrastructure.

Tidal is an acronym for Trusted Intuitive Direct Accredited Learning.

  • Trust is vital as the fundamental building block of our relationships.
  • Intuition is key to be to able to relate to clients’ specific needs and adapt as appropriate, delivering a truly tailored service.
  • Direct – We run a monthly open course in Emergency First Aid at Work in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for the local business community to minimise business interruption.
  • Accredited – We are an approved training and education centre through recognised awarding body Qualsafe Awards who are regulated by Ofqual.
  • Learning – We are passionate about sharing first aid  learning and skills to make a difference to someone when they need it most.

All our first aid training courses are fully accredited and nationally recognised qualifications in RQF Level 3 Awards through Qualsafe Awards, regulated by Ofqual.

Our training courses include the subjects of Anaphylaxis, Emergency First Aid at WorkFirst Aid at Work including Requalification and Annual Refreshers, Basic Life SupportDefibrillator and Medical Gases training courses.

Defibrillator training is particularly close to our hearts and since the Resus Council updated the UK and European course content to include this in Dec 2016, we take great pride in teaching how this vital piece of lifesaving equipment can increase the chance of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest. All our first aid training courses feature plenty practical work in how to use a defibrillator, using training equipment of the highest standard manufactured by Philips.