AGD Systems Ltd

White Lion House Gloucester, Cheltenham GL51 0TF

Traffic & Pedestrian Control

AGD Systems designs and manufactures product solutions for urban traffic & pedestrian control environments, for example, pedestrian crossings, intersections and smart motorways. Without even realising it, road users and pedestrians interact with AGD products every day on their commute or way to school. We help keep traffic moving and enable pedestrians to cross the road safely.

Our smart radars detect, demand, count, signal, manage and report on vehicles & pedestrians at approaches, intersections, wait zones and crossings. Our solutions integrate & interact with Smart City systems or legacy controllers to provide the high-value data and video critical to enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Nearside/Farside pedestrian demand, signalling and crossing-management
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle: detection, safety, control and volumetrics
  • Vehicle detection, control and speed-management
  • Tactile equipment for pedestrian signals

“AGD products are enthusiastically deployed all around the world in both ‘smart’ systems and ‘legacy’ applications, reliably delivering safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. Clear strategic thinking, in-house R & D and manufacturing, and a commitment to delivering premium products have allowed this.”

Pete Hutchinson – Managing Director AGD Systems