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Do you need to press the rest button on your brain?

Zentano use a variety of practical tools and approaches to challenge the mind-sets of your people, teams and the organisation. This enables you to:

  • Get Clarity – We help you to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of your current situation, leading to valuable and deeper insights that will sharpen your focus and performance.
  • Build Capability – We help you create your own practical, workable solutions that you feel able to own and see through to conclusion. Our aim is to help you develop a sustainable and self-managed capability.
  • Transform Results – We help you make it happen by sharpening your focus, defining clearer goals and supporting your journey to practically implementing them. We will challenge mind-sets that are perceived barriers to success.

We use this 3-stage approach to help our clients with their learning and development needs and call this our TransformYOUR approach:

  • TransformYOUR Personal Effectiveness – Developing self-awareness to find new ways to work more effectively.
  • TransformYOUR Team Performance – Understanding and strengthening characteristics that underpin a high performing team.
  • TransformYOUR Management & Leadership Capability – Embracing a coaching style of management and leadership that delivers on goals and objectives.

Zentano’s High Performance Thinking Consultants are professionally qualified coaches and experienced facilitators/trainers.

Whether you are a business owner, a senior leader or manager the ability to perform at a high level is a daily challenge that requires clarity of thinking and clarity of decision-making.

Our High-Performance Thinking programme could be what you need to develop your business wisdom and a transformative leadership capability. Our approach is based on an understanding of how the human mind works, that our brains can be our greatest asset and at the same time can also be our biggest barrier to progress.

Please contact Dave Morris or Rich Horton to find out if Zentano can help you and/or your business.