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Leaders who inspire us, who connect with us and whom we are keen to follow are the heartbeat of any great business. They can help us see the vision and empower us to create plans to bring it to life. Leaders are like the conductor of an orchestra, helping things flow and making everyone feel valued and empowered.

As a leader, your thoughts, actions and behaviour influence the working environment. You help everyone to understand the part they play in creating a culture that fosters well-being, retention of talent, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Leadership comes with its challenges though. The focus on getting the best out of your people requires a flexible, adaptable way of thinking and working. You cannot control what others think, feel and do. The focus needs to be on influencing a variety of team members who have different life experiences, preferences and ideas. At times conflict is inevitable. Difficult conversations need to be had.

When leading your team, you will need to focus on 6 essential leadership attributes;

  1. Articulate your Vision – paint a picture of the world you and your team are creating together.
  2. Communication with clarity and honesty.
  3. Build Trust – your team will work for the common good with commitment and accountability. Differences will be respected and embraced.
  4. Manage Conflict – use conflict as a learning experience and create WIN: WIN outcomes.
  5. Let Go – Empower people to use their strengths, to solve problems and tackle challenges. Take the pressure off yourself, create thinking time.
  6. Plan – create goals, tactics, strategies etc to deliver your vision

These attributes are essential for leaders (and most managers) at all levels in a business. Whilst operational tasks are important to focus on (transactional leadership), the environment leaders create is vital (transformational leadership) and is key to growing a business.

Zentano have taken credible management theory, proven sports and performance psychology, and reliable profiling tools to design leadership development experiences that will create practical, measurable value.

Please contact Dave Morris or Rich Horton to find out if Zentano can help you and/or your business.