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Ask yourself the question: Do you use your brain as a sharp and efficient tool?

Our approach is based on an understanding of how the human mind works, that our brains can be our greatest asset and at the same time can also be our biggest barrier to progress.


Like many business owners or senior leaders you may be experiencing one or more of five common frustrations that our clients were experiencing;

  1. It’s tough at the top– you feel isolated and your confidence has taken a knock. You need someone to act as a trusted sounding board. You want to feel in control instead it feels like your work life is controlling you
  2. Team performance– you have good people but they don’t seem to understand you, to be listening or following through with the actions needed to grow the business.
  3. Hitting the ceiling– growth is either too slow or has stopped. You feel unsure what to do next and are overwhelmed much of the time.
  4. The numbers don’t add up – The bottom line is you need and want more profitability
  5. Nothing’s working– you have tried to make changes and introduce new strategies but getting these to stick hasn’t worked. Your people are now cynical or dismissive of new initiatives. It’s time for a fresh perspective

If you are looking for trusted partner, someone who has your back and can provide practical ways to make your vision become a reality then Zentano could be for you.

Zentano’s High Performance Thinking Consultants are professionally qualified coaches and experienced facilitators/trainers.

Whether you are a business owner, a senior leader or manager the ability to perform at a high level is a daily challenge that requires clarity of thinking and clarity of decision-making.

We can help you develop your business wisdom and a transformative leadership capability.

Please contact Dave Morris or Rich Horton to find out if Zentano can help you and/or your business.