Top 4 Reasons We Always Recommend Presentation Folders to Clients

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Top 4 Reasons We Always Recommend Presentation Folders to Clients

Top 4 Reasons We Always Recommend Presentation Folders to Clients

Branding your presentation folders and providing information on your products or services is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. These packs have shelf life too, so in turn can potentially lead to sales alongside your pitch. As designers, we have a duty to recommend what is best for your business. Here is why:
1. Professional.
Going to meetings or events armed with presentation folders packed with all the best information you have spent time to prepare will make you feel professional and ready. Leaving the pack with your potential client afterwards will certainly leave a professional first impression. Not only of you, but the business. Working with businesses is what we do best, yes, we like to have fun, but delivering a professional service is vital. We help businesses plan to succeed and help you create marketing materials to show you off as the very best.

2. Versatility.

In business being versatile and evolving is important and presentation folders embody your story. For example, once you have produced a price list and product or service list, they can live in your presentation folders. But, what happens when you launch a new product? Well, produce the new sales sheet and offering and simply add to your pack. Your folder doesn’t need an overhaul and grows with you.

Plus, you won’t forget to include your existing product/services. Our digital print machine can amend or alter your hard copy collateral quickly and easily too. So, where you need to personalise or target your audiences, you can customise to fit the customer persona.

3. Protection.

When sent in the post or taken to trade shows, how often are brochures, posters etc damaged in transit? Sometimes not intentionally, but often. Referencing point number 1 about professionalism, as easily as it can be gained through careful attention to detail, it can also be destroyed. Even through no fault of your own. Presentation folders offer protection to everything it contains in one solid outer shell. Which is branded. You know how to produce quality and maintain it. People receiving direct mail campaigns are 75% more likely to recall the brand who sent it. Be remembered for quality. This confirms that print still has the impact which digital can’t touch.

4. The Full Package.

For all types of engagements, whether meetings, trade shows, exhibitions or presentations, presentation folders need to be in the mix. Once you have engaged, you can leave the full package behind. Which will confirm everything you have told them. And more! It’s not just the physical copy which will have the wow-factor. It’s the whole feeling you have created through careful planning. The tangible and non-tangible working together. Someone has shown an interest in your business for a reason, so why not relish that? Give them what they deserve and what you deserve. The full package. The warm, fuzzy feeling.

We can help you fill your presentation folders with everything you’ll need to grow. Print is what we have been doing for 30 years. Our team can help you plan to succeed through smart design and quality print.Should you have any questions about our design team please reach the team by calling 0142 522 411 or emailing