THEIA & Bitter Lemon Creative take on the BPE Challenge

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THEIA & Bitter Lemon Creative take on the BPE Challenge

The BPE Enterprise Challenge will test your entrepreneurial prowess!

We will give your team a seed fund of £50 and you need to turn this into as much money as you can.

The seed fund could be used to host an event or buy materials to create something to sell.
At the end of the challenge you return the seed fund, along with the money you have raised and then join us at ‘The Winstons’ to celebrate (prizes for the best idea and the most money raised!).

We’re hoping each team will at least double their seed fund – #doubleitforWW

THEIA & Bitter Lemon have accepted the challenge! 

What we need help with

We need you to help us get the perspex box into businesses so we can raise money for bereaved children. We are looking to get the box into businesses w/c 24th of June – 5th of July (one business per day).

We wanted to do something a bit more interesting than a bake sale (also, we’re terrible bakers). Idea below.

Our Idea to help bereaved children

Our idea is to get employees of businesses around our local area to write messages of positivity on squares of material, then drop them into a clear perspex box which we will deliver to the business at the start of the day.

For every piece of material written on by their employees, we will ask the businesses for a £3 contribution.

The messages are then used to stuff zip-up bears like this and will be given to Winston’s Wish after the 5th.

When a bereaved child is feeling down, they can use the bear for comfort and unzip the bear so they can read the messages of positivity from the local community.

The money raised will be donated to Winston’s Wish.


Contact Nik Venios if you can help!