Time To Reset – Getting That Extra 20% From Your People (Event)

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Time To Reset – Getting That Extra 20% From Your People (Event)

The last 7 months have been unprecedented, every single employee, manager, business owner have had to regroup, adapt and evolve. To quote one HRD recently, ‘It’s been muck, blood and bullets every day – and we are struggling to make any headway in the short term’.

However, there is now a realisation that the short term reality is going to be with us a little while longer and that means planning and executing with more impact for success now and as some element of normality returns. Now, more than ever, engaging your people has never been more critical – and never been more difficult. How do you engage and motivate a dispersed workforce you can’t see or even meet? You’ve already done the quizzes on zoom, guess the pet (or school photo) but what now?

It’s time to press Reset and step up to the challenge. John Tarrant, DNA’s Managing  Director  talked us through some best practice tips and practical examples around:

  1. Vision, Mission & Values
  2. Employee Engagement  – The ‘Thank You’ phrase is invaluable
  3. Giving As sense of Purpose and belonging – employees have to ‘buy-in’ to your brand everyday
  4. Invest in connecting your staff to the organisation  – currently we have a thinning of work relationships with remote working
  5. Make time to understand your employees – there is a blurring of work and home life. No employee should be out of sight or out of mind. It is estimated that 3/4 employees will suffer from mental health issues.
  6. Enablement  – how to build that ‘we’ve got this‘ culture. Celebrate what you have achieved through COVID and lets build better together for phase II

Check out the slides from the event: DNA Slides 17th November-compressed

Check out the recoding of the event (click picture to launch video):

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