The C2S Team

C2S Keeps You Better Connected, Better Informed

Circle2Success is headed up by Directors and Founders Angela Edwards and Suzanne Hall-Gibbins. Both Angela and Suzanne take an active and hands-on role at Forums and events across the regions.

At every event they stay true to their founding vision: creating a relaxed environment where business leaders and the next generation of managers can forge relationships. By enabling members to engage in purposeful conversations and share valuable insights, businesses are given the opportunity to collaborate and build success.

Marketing Executive Steph Tranter handles the day to day running of membership and organises the diary of events. Nick Marlow is a business coach who works with members on a 1:1 basis supporting them to meet their full potential. Rhi looks after all the social media and supports the marketing function.

Angela Edwards
Suzanne Hall-Gibbins
Steph Tranter
Nick Marlow