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Leaders Forum – Worcestershire Boardroom

Leadership in 2020 with The University of Worcester

As this Leaders Forum, Worcestershire Boardroom we looked at Leadership using System Leadership as a tool and the Clear strategy. Gill Slater, is on the Leadership team at The University of Worcestershire has been working on the Sustainable Development Goals and we used the Health & Wellbeing goal as a case study to examine how you can apply the System leadership tool to this goal to help drive through change, lead your organisation forward and take your people with you. In 2020 leaders in business will have to be focused, resilient and innovative. Last week was International Leadership week and the theme for the global stage was values, please see below an outline of some of the topics discussed on values.


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International Leadership Week

18th – 22nd November 2019



The Theme Talked about on the Global Stage this Week is Values.

What are your Values and how do you demonstrate and activate them?

  1. The Value of Learning
  2. Value Yourself
  3. The Value of Sustainability
  4. A Perfect Mission statement is not enough – Activate Organisational Values
  5. Valuing Our People
  6. How your Values Create Your Results
  7. Values Enabling Resilience & Growth
  8. Values and Principals in Leadership
  9. Values of Education

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Thank you to The University of Worcester for their hopitality, great venue. The University are always looking to engage more with the business community. If you’d like to find out how you can get involved and tap in to the next generation of talent please contact Nick Bancroft, Enterprise Manager, Worcester Business School E: n.bancroft@worc.ac.uk Tel: 01905 542817