Leaders Boardroom – Leadership in Times of Crisis

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Leaders Boardroom – Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leaders Boardroom – Leadership in Times of Crisis

Thanks to the The Cheltenham Trust for hosting this months Leaders Boardroom at the wonderful Wilson Gallery.  A great space that can be used by any business/individual or group.

The topic this month was resilience and handling pressure..  Trust CEO Laurie Bell took the group back to when she lead her team through the Salisbury Novichok crisis as Director of Communities & Communications for Wiltshire Council. A fascinating insight into the crisis and Laurie’s many leadership challenges.  She talked about managing pubic confidence; the spread of the disaster to Amesbury and the major impact on residents; schools; visitors; hospitals and all open spaces. The intense pressure everyone was under in a very sensitive environment.  Laurie reminded us not to think it wouldn’t happen to us,  it can happen to anyone.

She shared some of her lessons learnt:

  • Never assume you know everything
  • Take every opportunity to learn
  • Think Strategically
  • Bring the right team together
  • Develop a plan that is constantly taking and adapting to new data/intelligence
  • Be a consistent role model

Some great discussions round the tables from attendees. Chatham House allow so we do not report on the discussions.

Laurie also provided an insight into the Trust and the challenges and opportunities for growth.

The Cheltenham Trust aims to enrich the lives of its residents and visitors through a vibrant cultural economy and a distinctive sense of place. The Trust is an arms length organisation managing properties and services for Cheltenham Borough Council, they include:

Check out the website.  Use the space and facilities which in turn allows the Trust to maintain them for everyone to enjoy and develop other offerings and outreach services to enrich lives.


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