Launch of the C2S Development Programme with Zentano on Whole Brain Thinking

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Launch of the C2S Development Programme with Zentano on Whole Brain Thinking

C2S Development Programme – Putting The Pieces Together.

The C2S Development Programme is back, online with great conversation, topics and learning. Personal development and continued learning is of benefit to all and through our C2S Development Programme we look at relevant topics, challenge our thinking, improve or skills and examine best practice.

The new online programme started with a look into ‘Whole Brain Thinking’ with Zentano, understanding and managing the diversity of thinking styles in your team and your life is key if you want to be a good communicator and influencer.

This interactive event looked at:

  • An understanding of your personal style so that you can understand your impact on others and be seen as self-aware and strong at relationship building.
  • An understanding of how to clue-spot other people’s preferences so that you can flex your leadership style, meaning you are seen as empathetic and inclusive.
  • A practical toolkit for making better decisions and solving problems more effectively, meaning you are seen as a leader with the ability to flex and consider multiple perspectives.

We are more aware of our own biases and how they impact on others, so to be aware of your own personal style, the way you listen and learn and how people perceive you, will help you to create a less bias opinion of other and be more open minded to other personal styles and ways of communication.

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View Slides Here: C2S Development Programme – Whole Brain Thinking Sept 2020 – Delegate pack

Today was very thought provoking and insightful, with lots of take aways and useful learning. Thank you to Dave Morris and Rich Horton from Zentano, for sharing their leadership training. They work with academics, SME’s and large organisations helping businesses and their people grow through “Connected Leadership”, the new way to lead in our uncertain and often ambiguous world. To find out more about Connected Leadership click here: