HR Focus with BPE Solicitors & Switch Health

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HR Focus with BPE Solicitors & Switch Health

Thanks to our expert panel at our May HR Focus:

Emily Arnold, BPE Solicitors  –

Connor Harries, Switch Health –

View Emily’s Slides: HR Focus – 29 May 2024

Emily talked about:

  • What can employers be doing to assist employees at work?
  • When does a mental health condition become a disability?
  • Legal duties and obligations
  • Managing long-term mental health related sickness absence
  • Potential changes to rules around fit notes

View Connor’s slides: HR Focus Presentation Switch – 29.05.24

Connor Talked about:

  • 57% increase in sick leave since 2019, rising year on year.
  • Most common short-term illnesses relate to general health.
  • Most common long-term illnesses relate to stress, mental ill-health, musculoskeletal injuries and acute medical conditions.

Why Employee Benefits:

  • Attracting and retaining top talent – 64% of prospects consider roles that include employee benefits.
  • Improved employee engagement.
  • Enhancing employee loyalty – 78% of employees are more likely to stay if they are part of a benefits programme.
  • Job satisfaction – 71% of employees surveyed felt that their employer cared about their mental health and overall wellbeing

Types of Employee Benefits:

Health & Wellness

  • Health insurance, Dental insurance, Optical cover, Employee Assistance Programmes, Wellness programmes, Gym memberships/reimbursements.

Financial & Retirement

  • Bonuses, share options, holiday pay, annual leave purchase options, employer contributed pension schemes.

Work-life Balance

  • Flexible working hours, work from home options, reduced working week.

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