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Marketing & Brand Focus Part II – The Power of Video (In-person)

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When & where

  • Date: Thursday 21/09/2023
  • Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
  • At: Eagle Tower - Montpellier Drive
    Cheltenham, GL50 1TA

About the event

Join us with partners Brace Creative and Adsmart From Sky to learn more about how video can help catapult your marketing to new heights and how you can maximise your marketing budget to get some smart returns.

Video has become an incredibly powerful tool in marketing, and its impact continues to grow rapidly. Here are 10 top reasons why video is so effective in marketing, we will unpack these on the day and learn more about the power of video:

  1. Increased Engagement
  2. Improved Information Retention
  3. Emotional Connection
  4. Higher Conversion Rates
  5. Increased Social Shares
  6. Improved SEO
  7. Versatility and Accessibility
  8. Demonstrating Products and Services
  9. Building Trust and Credibility
  10. Analytics and Insights

Overall, video has the power to captivate, engage, and persuade audiences like no other medium. It’s ability to convey information effectively, create emotional connections, and drive action makes it an indispensable tool in modern marketing strategies.

Working with partners:

Brace Creative Agency Logo

Brace are an award-winning Creative Agency based in Gloucester dedicated to transforming client’s online and offline presence through a combination of  their in house team which have a range of diverse skills, including; web design, graphic design and digital marketing.

The team have a decade’s worth of experience and a team full of industry experts to help your business reach new heights. From Website-Design through to Branding and SEO.

Thought TV advertising was out of your reach? Then think again. Adsmart from Sky has turned traditional thinking on its head, making the unrivaled power of TV advertising relevant and affordable for almost any business.

Adsmart from Sky allows you to access millions of Sky and Virgin homes, selecting your ideal audience and location; meaning you can be sure only the right households see your advert, in among world class content, and you only pay when it’s been seen.

C2S Official Partner 

Eagle Tower

Montpellier Drive
Cheltenham, GL50 1TA

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