Edition 5 Digital Magazine Coming Soon!

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Edition 5 Digital Magazine Coming Soon!


Edition 5 of our Circle2Success Business Magazine is well on the way with exciting interview, articles and features.

Edition 4, our first Digital Magazine we had increased views of over 2034%, providing a marketing reach of over 150,000. The feedback we had was fantastic from across the South West and beyond. The Digital Magazine was viewed by more people than ever before!

We want you to be part of Edition 5!

If you have any good news stories, made any new appointments or promoted any staff, launched any new products or services, collaborated, innovated or supported others during the Covid crisis, we’d like to know!

We are running the following features in Edition 5 in support of the business community and our members:

Opportunities for you in Edition 5

  • New Appointments & Promotions Feature in EditIon 5 – 100 words Free and Image for members only or £150.00 for  1/2 page to advertise

  • Promote your New Products or Services in Edition 5 – £150.00 for 1/2 page for members and £500 + vat for Non- Members

  • Members COVID story and good news – please get in touch now and we’d be happy to talk to you about your story for Edition 5

Deadline will be early October 2020.

Send to: editor@circle2success.co.uk

Please View Edition 4 Digital Magazine Here: https://www.circle2success.com/c2s-business-magazine/