Get Involved and Support the Next Generation of Talent!

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Get Involved and Support the Next Generation of Talent!


We are delighted to share with you a fantastic new initiative supporting young people and the business community. We hope you will be interested to support our C2S Educational Outreach Live event on 27th November at Cheltenham Racecourse. This will not only be a great opportunity to meet hundreds of students from schools, colleges, and universities across the region, but also connect with all the businesses there. We will have a further education area for students to find out more about further education opportunities and we wondered if you would like to have a stand to promote your courses.

We are delighted to announce that L3 Harris, a global organisation based in Tewkesbury is a headline sponsor for this event. L3 Harris employ over 1400 people, across 12 UK site and deliver unique capabilities across air, land, sea, space and cyber for military, security, and commercial customers, worldwide and we are delighted they are supporting this event.

Please see our flyer for the Educational Outreach Live event below, along with further details. We really hope you will get involved and support this event by either becoming a partner, taking a stand, or helping spread the word to students and educational organisations. This will not only be invaluable for inspiring the next generation of young people in our region, but an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded businesses, all with the same vision to make a difference, grow their business and support our future talent.

The C2S Educational Outreach Live event is an exceptional event taking place in our county on 27th November 2024 at Cheltenham Racecourse, unlike anything we have seen before. This annual event is designed to bring together organisations from all sectors and sizes, showcasing the vast array of career opportunities available to our young people. Our goal is to provide a pathway for these individuals to stay connected with the business community and explore future career opportunities, including higher education, apprenticeships, T-Levels, work experience, and career guidance.

We believe this event is invaluable for supporting the continued learning of our young people. It will help them develop social skills, gain a better understanding of the workplace, learn what employers are looking for, and increase their awareness of future opportunities in our region. All these benefits are crucial for their successful transition into the workforce. The growth of our businesses and the local economy depends on the talent we can access. Educating our young people about the outstanding opportunities they have on their doorstep and encouraging them to explore these is not only preferable but critical to the success of all businesses.

With the support of Gloucestershire County Council and the Gloucestershire Careers Hub we already have hundreds of students booked from schools and colleges across the region.  This inclusive event is FREE to all students, educational organisations, and parents. At C2S we promote inclusivity and are passionate about providing this opportunity to all groups of young people from Year 9 upwards.

We invite you to participate in this transformative event and make a positive impact on the future of our young people. Your involvement will not only benefit the attendees but also allow your organisation to connect with the next generation of talent and showcase your commitment to community development.

We not only have workshops designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of our young people, but also workshops to help them prepare for the workplace, better understand financial wellbeing, access career advice and first aid training on cardiac arrest and defibrillators, but we also have an array of workshops for the business community around current HR issues, to include neurodiversity, workplace wellbeing and E,D & I.

You can find more information about this event here:

Please let us know if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions. We would be delighted to provide more details and discuss how your organisation can be a part of this incredible initiative.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to support and inspire our young people.

We look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on the above.