Workplace Mediation: what is it?

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Workplace Mediation: what is it?

We are all human and as long as we need to employ human beings in our businesses, there is an inevitability to experiencing occasional conflict and discord in the workplace.  When this happens, a skilled mediator becomes a valuable resource. Their presence, as a neutral person with an unbiased approach to listening, and an encouragement to imagine alternative approaches to solve issues, acts as a soothing balm. The mediator can assist in restoring harmony and productivity in a wide range of circumstances. For example:

  • When a grievance is raised by one employee against another.
  • When new working procedures have resulted in a breakdown of trust between managers and their team.
  • If a long-serving employee is resisting change, becoming a negative influence on the motivations of the rest of the team.
  • A highly skilled and essential recruit is challenging the confidence and equilibrium of the workforce.
  • Essential team structure changes have resulted in demotivated and disengaged staff.
  • Disciplinary action resulting in dismissal is threatening to result in legal proceedings.

I bring a wide range of skills and experience to my consultancy practice, drawing on over 25 years’ experience in business as both an owner manager, consultant and employee,. Trained and accredited by the London based Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, (CEDR) in both workplace and commercial mediation, I am a member of the Civil Mediation Council, (CMC) and a Chartered member of the Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD). I am currently retained by a range of local businesses to address ongoing employee relationships and act as a sounding board for both directors and managers. I approach all clients with a genuine interest in getting to the root cause of any issues, and a desire to ensure people are seen and heard for who they are. Having experienced the challenges of running a business, I also bring an astute commercial awareness to my interventions, recognising the ongoing impact of any negotiated solutions on the desired future for the business.

Our Friday 8th June the Circle2Success HR Focus Group will be hosted at the University of Gloucestershire where I will lead a presentation and discussion on Mediation  in the workplace.

Initial conversations incur no charge. I can be contacted on +447467912960 or