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Work Space of The Future with Official Partners Abbey Business Interiors

Thank you to expert and thought leader in workplace design, Adrian Campbell from Senator for sharing their research and findings into creating a safe, productive working environment. Whether in the office or at home we now need to look at what is our workspace of the future. The documents below offer some ideas, advice and support to help you create your workspace of the future. Abbey Business Interiors are official partners of Circle2success and have designed our office and helped us with planning #backtoworksafely  – thank you to the team at Abbey Business Interiors.

To be happy is to be safe, socially active and mentally stimulated. Our workplaces should reflect this, with furniture contributing to wellbeing.” Adrian Campbell. Workplace Design.

Working remotely is a new concept for many. With some people who may love it and some who may not. Regardless of where you stand with your view on remote working, the same rules still apply with your desk, monitor and chair height. When creating a home office consider the comfort of your chair, the height of your desk and the setting of your space. Perhaps think about adding pictures, plants and projects boards. It shouldn’t just be a workspace, it should be a sanctuary.

In this event we started to understand the psychology of people and space and how creating the right space for people increased productivity, trust and confidence. If you would like to find out more about this topic or need advice on what you should do next, please contact: Dave Giles, Managing Director Abbey Business Interiors.


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