Virtual Workshop – Maximising Your Company Profile on the C2S Website

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Virtual Workshop – Maximising Your Company Profile on the C2S Website

At our regular C2S Website workshop run in partnership with Brace Creative we looked at how you might tweak your marketing to be consistent with the current mood and how you could steal a march on your customers with SEO. We looked at what people were searching for at the moment and where traffic had declined or grown. For example, there have been declines in searches for Advertising; Travel, Construction; Education; Telecoms and Retail. There have been considerable increases in searches for Finance; Food, Health, Media and Pharma.

How can we utilise the digital environment? What can we make contactless and how can we offer value to our customers?

We then looked at how members can maximise opportunities through the C2 Website and what they can do themselves on the site.  For example upload news stories; change their advert frequently to get messages across;  refresh their members page to make it relevant for the current situation; add pictures and videos and testimonials. Add job vacancies and member offers.

The award for best background to date has to go to April from Brace! We love this.  Remember Brace will design a backdrop for you for £25 and all the money goes to their charity Hope for Tomorrow.  Get in touch if you would like one