Roadmap for Buying a Property in Gloucestershire

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Roadmap for Buying a Property in Gloucestershire

The go2mortgages team are on a mission to create a seamless process for home buyers in the Gloucestershire area, pulling in resources from local expert small businesses.

Roadmap for Buying a Property in Gloucestershire:

roadmap for buying property in Gloucestershire steps

Step 1

Speak to one our mortgage advisors at go2mortgages to figure out what you can borrow and what budget you can afford. Before house hunting , it’s important to get a decision in principle done – this will make you more appealing to the seller and will allow you to make an offer on a property with zero delays

Step 2

Find your dream home with the award-winning team at Move Sales & Lettings

Step 3

Apply for a full mortgage with the most appropriate lender at the time of application

Step 4

Arrange the correct insurances and protection policies with the go2mortgages team and make sure they are all in place ready for your exchange date

Step 5

Safely move all your belongings into your new home with Bright Move

Expectation vs reality!

Whilst this is roughly how we expect the process to go, these roadmaps rarely run 100% by the book. This is where you get your moneys worth from your experts. We’ve teamed up with the best of the best in Gloucestershire to ensure that your property purchase process is as fuss-free as possible. We are all specialists in what we do, and we’ve seen A LOT of different circumstances, so whilst your situation might seem a bit complex to you, chances are, we’ve seen it before.

Look no further if you’re looking for a fuss-free and affordable process when buying your dream home – we’ve got you.

roadmap for buying property in Gloucestershire expectation vs reality

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