Our Rebrand From Brobuild To Brace

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Our Rebrand From Brobuild To Brace

Brobuild and Brace; different words but with the same meaning.

We may have changed the face of our company, but the core of who we are has stayed the same. We have simply aligned our image with our values and beliefs.

In the beginning, Brobuild was the perfect name; brothers, who build websites. It couldn’t be more straight-forward than that.

But over our 10 years in business, our expert team has grown in strength and numbers, and the range of services we offer has grown with it. We are no longer brothers who simply build websites. We are now a 15 member strong, powerful web, marketing and design agency, who can offer customers a complete creative solution- with family remaining at the centre of who we are.

So now, we are Brace.

The meaning behind the name

“To us Brace means support, strength and also family.”

Imagine you have created something which you are so proud of, you want to shout and tell the world. But apart from you knowing that you were responsible for its creation, how does anyone else know? Well, what better way is there to claim your work than the artist’s way; and sign your name.

This is exactly what we have done at Brace. We are so proud of the business we have created and built over the last 10 years that we wanted to put the Bracey family name to it. All artists sign their work. Steve Jobs signed the inside of every Macintosh, even though no one would ever see it. Signing your name holds you responsible, and signing our family name even more so.

We want to stamp our seal of approval over everything which leaves our studio’s doors. The Brace logo and signature is a symbol of authenticity, originality and exceptional quality.

“Forming, strengthening and supporting meaningful relationships.”

A ‘brace’ is something which provides support and strength. At Brace, we believe in the power of effective, supportive relationships. People do business with people, and building strong relationships is always the first step.

We listen and partner with our clients rather than analyse and tell. The service we provide is an ongoing conversation, allowing us to create bespoke products that truly reflect your business and brand, which we value as highly as our own.

Many of our clients are local businesses in the county of Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. We help them thrive through transforming their online and offline presence, by building meaningful relationships and connections with each other and their customers.

This connection between us, businesses, and the local community is represented in the linked ‘ac’ of our new logo.”

Success by design

No matter what service you require, whether it’s digital marketing, bespoke web development, branding, graphic design or print, we have an expert in-house ready to work with you. In this new year, we invite you to work with us as our new brand, Brace.

Visit our new website for more information: www.brace.co.uk