Randall & Payne looks to capitalise on rebrand

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Randall & Payne looks to capitalise on rebrand

  • Randall & Payne has revealed a new brand, strapline and website.
  • The strapline – Thinking to capitalise on – has been created to encapsulate the company’s distinctive approach.
  • The firm hopes the rebrand will help cement and build on its position as one of the leading accountancy firms in the region.
  • The company has traded in Gloucestershire for over 138 years.


Leading Gloucestershire accountants Randall & Payne has unveiled a new brand, strapline and website.


The launch of the new brand is the culmination of nine months of behind-the-scenes work by the company’s eight-strong senior leadership team. It comes at a time when the accountancy sector is going through significant change due to the advent of digital accounting and the ongoing discussions around the introduction of Making Tax Digital.


“The world of accountancy has evolved dramatically in the last few years,” said Tim Watkins, managing partner at Randall & Payne. “This, combined with huge changes in the world of business generally, prompted us to take stock and consider what tomorrow looks like for both our business and our clients.


“It made us realise that while we have a very modern approach to accountancy, how we were presenting ourselves to the outside world simply didn’t reflect that,” he continued.


The company turned to Cheltenham-based marketing agency Alias to drive the project forward, tasking it with ensuring Randall & Payne’s relevancy for tomorrow, but without forgetting the firm’s 138 years of heritage.


“Our brief to Alias could be described as ‘evolution, not revolution’,” stated Tim. “We wanted to make sure we’re able to handle whatever tomorrow throws at us, but ensure that we didn’t forget what has made Randall & Payne successful so far.”


The result is a modern, vibrant and distinctive brand rooted in the heritage of the business, which Tim hopes will cement and build upon Randall & Payne’s position as one of the region’s leading firms.


“We have used the rebrand as an opportunity to not only consider how we look but also how we act. The process has forced us to consider what’s at the heart of our business and offering,” explained Tim. “And while many things have been considered, we kept coming back to the same two points – the expertise of our team and how our approach ensures our clients prosper.

“So although the rebrand has ultimately been focused on ensuring our relevancy in tomorrow’s business world, I am delighted that it’s grounded in the things that have been at the heart of the business for the last 138 years – our people and their thinking,” he continued.


It’s these two facets, the people and their thinking, that have shaped the company’s new strapline ‘Thinking to capitalise on’ – an encapsulation of an approach which has long been in the DNA of the business.


“We have always delivered thinking and insights that both our business and personal clients can capitalise from but, until now, we never had a way of crystallising this approach for both our customers and staff,” said Tim.


Although technology and the mainstream introduction of digital accounting is positively transforming the tools that Randall & Payne uses, the way it delivers its services and how it interacts with its clients, other accountancy firms are also working with these new tools. Therefore, the company believes that it is the expertise and the experience of its 57-strong team that will continue to set it apart.


“There has always been great thinking at every level in our business, but we just took it as read – it was the Randall & Payne way. However, feedback from our customers and business partners, and the results we generate, has shown us how powerful our thinking is and what it can deliver.


“So while the new brand is fresh and modern and reflective of a changing sector, it’s much more than that for me. It’s about having the conviction of not only what we do but why we do it – simply put, clients will be better off by working with us. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but it’s one we stand by and strive to deliver on every day,” Tim concluded.


The accountancy firm, based on Shurdington Road in Cheltenham, has been trading in Gloucestershire for over 138 years. Employing 57 people and offering a range of services, including tax, business advisory, accountancy, auditing and corporate finance, it supports a host of leading Gloucestershire organisations, including SOHO Coffee Co., Regency Hampers, Listers Unified Communications and GL1.