Planning Your Sales for A Post COVID Recovery

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Planning Your Sales for A Post COVID Recovery

Member joined a session facilitated by Jonathan Viney from JV Consultancy Group who specialise in Sales Strategy, Implementation and Coaching.

We covered:

  • Is your Sales Strategy right for now?
  • What is you Account Strategy for COVID?
  • Does your Sales Process & Skills meet the strategy?
  • Are the Sales Management tools right for today?
  • Some interesting Key Sales Factors

We referred to the Simon Senek saying: ‘People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it’. So get the passion and the ‘why’ sorted.

We looked at the Sales process as if it was a factory and looked at all of the clogs to make sure the machine was running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

How do you need to adapt your strategy from dealing with the crisis to a new  COVID Recovery?

Covid (what can you do?)

▫Temper your sales enthusiasms

▫Be supportive

▫Find hidden value to share

▫Good communication will build stronger relationship


Jonathan can be contacted on:

Mobile: 07768 400400

View Slides here: C2S Sales Strategy Workshop 2020_

View pictures from the event: