New business and charity matching services makes first successful match!

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New business and charity matching services makes first successful match!

The Local Business Charity Awards are celebrating their first successful match, in their brand new business and charity pairing service ‘Support A Local Charity’.

The new initiative, which was launched as part of the 2018 Awards, sponsored by Jelf and Ageas, aims to match Gloucestershire charities in need, with Gloucestershire businesses who want to help.

Based on the highly successful model of of internet dating, the Awards ask local charities to list themselves on their website as a ‘Charity Who Needs Help’, laying out all their ‘wants’ via an online form. Requests for help can be wide ranging including  looking for new trustees, to help with fundraising, volunteering, accounts, marketing, PR, social media, HR etc.

Via a separate form, businesses are asked to submit a form stating what they are willing to offer; from sharing the firm’s core skills to becoming a trustee, taking on a charity of the year or more general fundraising and volunteering support.

Both forms are then posted online  with the aim that charities and businesses browse each other’s lists until they see a potential ‘match’, at which point they contact with each other.

The first full match has been made between cyber security firm Cyber Security Associates and local charity Gloucestershire Bundles.

Cyber Security Associates, who had offered support with cyber security and GDPR, received a call from Stacey, trustee of Gloucestershire Bundles, a charity that provides emergency packs of toiletries, clothing and equipment to pregnant women and families with children who find themselves in crisis situations.

Madeline Howard, Business Development Manager at Cyber Security Assocaites said,

‘We loved the idea of ‘Support A Local Charity’ and signed up a few weeks ago and were delighted to receive a call from Stacey asking for help last week. Gloucestershire Bundles had only recently heard about GDPR and were very concerned that they needed to spend large amounts of money to become compliant. We reassured her that this was not the case and offered them an hour of free on-site support and advice from our MD David Woodfine. James Griffiths, our Director and CTO will also be heading across to Bundles to complete a full review of their IT equipment and improve its security.’

Stacey Brayshaw, Trustee of Gloucestershire Bundles said,

‘We are so grateful to David and Madeline from Cyber Security Associates; not only did they calm me down when I rang, panicking about it a few days ago, but they’ve also been kind enough to come down and talk us about how we need to do things; we really are so hugely grateful. We’d also like to thank the Jelf and Ageas who sponsor the Local Business Charity Awards, without them supporting the scheme, we would have spent vast amounts of money, on becoming compliant and not made a really important connection with such a generous local company. Thank you to you all.’

Sponor Jelf recently ran a free GDPR for Charities day at the National Star College, attended by many small to medium sized charities in the county, providing guidance on the new regulations.

Commenting on being part of the first successful match, Madeleine said,

‘We are delighted to be part of the first ‘match’ in Gloucestershire’. We think ‘Support A Local Charity’ is excellent, really beneficial to the whole community and a great way to give to those who need. We’re very happy to be involved.’

Phil Barton, Chief Executive Officer of Jelf said,

‘’Support A Local Charity’ underlines our commitment as local employers, to support those within our community who need it the most and we are delighted that we have been able to successfully bring a business and a charity together in our first match. We know there are many other businesses across the county who would be happy to help a local charity and we encourage them to sign up and be part of this brand new initiative that, as has been demonstrated today, can mean a huge amount to a local charity.’