New book release: Guide to Comparative Construction & Engineering Contracts

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New book release: Guide to Comparative Construction & Engineering Contracts

Jon Close, Keystone Law, has just released a publication aimed at the construction & engineering industries.

An entry level guide for anyone involved with the drafting of specific construction or engineering contracts, this book looks to provide the busy professional with a road-map of how to get from desired cost, quality and time outcomes through using the most appropriate procurement route and the most appropriate contractual options available within three of the most well-known standard form construction and engineering contracts (JCT, NEC and FIDIC).


A useful aide-memoire for engineers, quantity surveyors, commercial directors, owner-managed businesses and fellow solicitors alike, the book seeks to compare and contrast the standard contractual options to inform commercial decision-making which can then be accurately translated into the final draft of the contract.


This publication seeks to de-mystify some of the art of drafting contracts to make the task seem less daunting and looks to help people draft better contracts to avoid uncertainty and help mitigate, what are all too often, unnecessary disputes down the line.


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