Working LTD

Yew Trees,

Working LTD believes in combining having an inquiring mind, a genuine interest in other people and their welfare at work with an appetite to improve and simplify work life. They ensure that the values they hold are reflected in the way they do things, the service they offer and the relationships they develop.

They believe being in partnership is the key which underpins all of their relationships and their workplace is a place where who they are matters, it’s respected and where all contributions are valued equally.

Working LTD works with you to create the business culture you want, by reviewing your business relationships, helping you to define your business values and identifying positive behaviours that reflect those values.

Working LTD aim to create ways of working which have clear aims and outcomes. They aim to continually review their efforts and make changes to ensure all of their energy is positive, productive and meets the needs of their partnership. They aim to ensure work is a place where you can work with interesting stimulating people who share their values and purpose.