Tricel Gloucester

Fox House, Stonedale Rd, Gloucester, Oldends Industrial Estate, Stonehouse GL10 3SA

Tricel is a global provider of high performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Materials industries. Our company ethos “Generations of Innovation” is built around three interlinking themes; Innovation, Quality and Heritage, which have been developed over the last 40 years.

Tricel (Gloucester) was established in 1994. We are a highly experienced manufacturer of Advanced Composite products and have a unique range of products that are used worldwide and are certified by government bodies and utility companies alike. Tricel (Gloucester) excels through innovation in advanced composites design, supplying leading manufacturers in the construction, automotive, rail, defense, aeronautical, civil and road safety. We are a UK leader of: mains drainage solutions provider, supplying septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and pump stations throughout the UK.