Sandler Training West of England

Holiday Inn Hotel,
BS16 1QX

Sandler Training is globally renowned for Sales innovation training and consultancy. Over the decades Sandler has evolved into the largest company in the world in its space.

Growing companies can suffer with a variety of issues including skills deficiencies, incorrectly on-boarding new team members, lack of coaching and not ensuring a growth culture runs throughout their organisation. At Sandler we partner with companies to support and help develop their planned goals.

Sandler offers development in:

Sales Development | Leadership & Management | Strategic Customer Care | Growth Strategy Consultancy

We deliver this through our training centres, In-House and via one to one executive coaching. Typically companies are invited to evaluate what Sandler delivers to ascertain if there may be a mutual fit. This is offered by way of masterclass sessions, CEO breakfast events and in-house seminars.

Berkeley Harris previously held the position of Sales director in a private national healthcare provider. Within this time he also served on UK boards and supported a number of education and charitable organisations. Employing the services of Sandler back in 2011 the results were great and Berkeley became a Sandler fan. He was approached to become a Sandler Global consultant to which he jumped ship 5 years ago. Berkeley is also part of the Sandler Global team and training worldwide.

In 2019 Berkeley was awarded ‘Franchisee of the year’.