Pact Property & Assets

Saddlers Lane
Tivoli Walk
GL50 2UX

PACT stands for Property & Assets with Collaborative Thinking, and represents the relationship we will build with our clients.

Our branding underlines and under pins our commitment to making long standing relationships by working with our clients, either stand-alone or in conjunction with other consultants, on an ongoing basis as trusted advisors. We work collaboratively with our clients and share our thinking to achieve the best results for them and have three core disciplines within our business, namely :-

1. Consultancy and Advisory

Non-Executive Property Advisory – Our core clients are businesses planning change, and therefore disruption, through growth plans, planning a merger or acquisition, a business sale, business rationalisation, restructuring, family retirements, asset sale or partial sale and changes to property portfolio’s or investments. We also operate on the Board in a formal Non-Executive capacity if clients require.
All too often business plans are written without reference to property and many plans can’t be delivered without changes in property. This service aims to be our clients’ informal Non-Executive Director. PACT will set and deliver a property strategy alongside client business plans, ensuring both property and assets are allowing the business to perform.
Land Development Advisory – We act for either the landowner or the developer when advising clients regarding their sale or purchase of strategic land, or property with planning permission. We also work very closely with planning consultants to ensure client’s property is correctly and effectively promoted through the planning process.
As in all our client activity we proactively develop a very clear understanding of our client’s needs and engage in collaborative thinking with clients, and their advisors, to understand what they wish to achieve from a transaction and develop the best way of achieving it when negotiating on their behalf.
Waste Power & Energy – We specialise in waste and power, for plant and machinery, providing advice to landowners, industrial companies, and lenders on the valuation, viability and sustainability of alternative waste and energy management strategies, environmental and impact assessments, site assessments and risk mitigation. We also provide feasibility reports, asset management and sales advice to IP’S and lenders who have encountered problems with project principally in the waste and power sectors.
Corporate recovery & restructuring – linked directly to our Non-Executive service is our portfolio restructuring service as well as advising on property & assets for corporate recovery purposes. Also, Chris Price is an LPA receiver.

2. Property Services

• Our Non-Executive Property Service ensures we provide trusted advice which will usually require action to be taken with client property interests. Our business model allows us to maintain a neutral and Trusted Advisor approach and any property services required can be contracted to other providers or, where we can maintain neutrality, the services can be provided in-house by PACT people.
• In-house property services include tasks such as land development, LPA receivership, lease advisory, valuations, negotiations, CPO/land access, whereas sub-consultants are used for building consultancy, agency work, property management, lending valuations, and rating. Our experience in property also allows us to add value by efficiently procuring such sub-consultancy services.
3. Plant & Machinery Services

• In addition to our property knowledge Chris has been involved with Plant and Machinery throughout his career so we deliver both Property & Assets advice. We provide valuations, disposals and business sales. We will be launching an on-line auction facility for plant & machinery disposals in early 2019.