Nova Blue Technologies is a cyber security and digital transformation business founded on a set of ideals:

  • we believe that technology is a force for good and lower the barriers to entry of great technology
  • we believe that organisations should have access to national-security-grade cyber security capabilities
  • we believe that treating people fairly and with kindness is an indelible human right
  • we believe that businesses should play a responsible role in society and should strive to make society a better place

Nova Blue delivers Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS). We remove the cyber complexity and burden that organisations face through top-notch consultancy, advisory services, and managed services. Our state of the art cyber risk management platform Sapphyre ( offers government-level risk management to organisations on a perpetual basis, ensuring your organisation is always ready to face cyber threats from all vectors.

Nova Blue also specialises in digital transformation and cloud-based application development. This, combined with our cyber expertise, means we build applications with high-fidelity security built in by design.

Nova Blue was founded by Steve Mason – a former UK Government cyber technical director who was responsible for cyber capabilities at the highest levels of national security. He secured the nation for decades, and now applies that knowledge to the clients he and his team work with every day.