Neptune Rum

Neptune Rum | 71 Rodney Road | Cheltenham | Gloucestershire | GL50 1HT

About Neptune Rum

Neptune Rum was formed in 2017 in Cheltenham, UK with the aim of producing truly exceptional quality Rums and Spirits.

Our Multi-Award-Winning Gold Barbados Rum is distilled and aged at the celebrated family-owned Foursquare Rum Distillery set within a former 17th-century sugarcane plantation at the southern end of the island of Barbados.

Our Barbados Gold Rum is created at the original Distil House where a mix of pot and column stills creates a unique range of superb Caribbean rums.

Blended from pure sugar cane molasses and aged in bourbon oak casks to enhance the flavour profile – A beautifully smooth pot and column stilled rum that’s been lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks is a blend of 3, 5 and 8-year-old aged Rums. Smooth pepper warmth instantly blends to the perfect balance of ripe banana and toast followed by vanilla, pastry and warm spice to find a sublime partnership.

With no added sugars or chemicals, the velvety smoothness of the rum is a result of the top-secret final stage of the proprietary process – the result, a rum that outshines all other premium rums in terms of drinking experience.

Neptune Rum fast established itself as the world’s most awarded rum of 2018/2019, achieving no less than 65 Global awards. Recent wins include Best British Rum Brand in The Golden Rum Barrel Awards and Barbados Rum of The Year. And the brand’s success does not appear to be slowing anytime soon, achieving an impressive gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition a Masters in the Spirits Business Awards and the Silver in the 2020 World Rum Awards.

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