NG Wealth

12 Imperial Square
GL50 1QB

“I have spent my entire working life in Financial Services. Following a thirteen year “apprenticeship” as a Financial Consultant, I established Neil Gayler & Co., Independent Financial Advisers in 1997. Having built up the practice over 22 years, in June 2019 we joined forces with the FA92 Group to form a new practice, NG Wealth. My new role is engaging with new clients, explaining our proposition and undertaking any strategic planning and financial modelling that may be required prior to any regulated advice being provided by my colleagues. Comprehensive lifestyle financial modelling, when done properly, can be of immense value to busy, successful people who need to understand where they are heading financially and what they need to do to ensure they are able to achieve their desired lifestyles. It is far more than just picking the next “super-duper” investment product on the market. It gives them, possibly for the first time ever, real clarity about where they are currently heading and how realistic and achievable the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves and their families really are.

I will also be providing specialist generic advice to those in Later Life and have a particular expertise in Long-Term Care Fees funding options. We partner with a number of Residential Homes, Domiciliary Care agencies as well as assisting the clients of local solicitor practices with care and finance issues. We are a preferred supplier of specialist advice for Gloucestershire County Council and are regularly referred clients by the Alzheimer’s Society and other organisations aimed at assisting those in later life.

We are one of a small number of carefully selected firms that have a Strategic Partnership with UBS, the Swiss Bank, and can therefore access their asset-lending facilities and other services that are not normally available directly to the public or through the vast majority of financial advisers.