No 41 Lansdowne Street, Worcester WR1 1QF

We make videos. Our USP at M-Studios is that we have a background of 20 years combined working as presenters for the BBC. We know how to tell a story and deliver it to an audience. Your audience. We create videos with impact. We create videos that are memorable and emotionally engaging. A video people will talk about outside of your business. We can also vastly improve your presentation skills within 60 minutes – be this on stage or presenting on screen. We are experts in radio and podcasting and can provide unique training, tips and advice for your projects and ideas if they are audio or visual. We’re lovely people as well and we really love getting to know you so that you are represented as your best self. Tell us your story and we’ll help you tell it back to your clients in a way you may not have already thought of. If you think of a video idea, think of M-Studios. I you think of presenting, think M-Studios. And if you think of podcasting, think of M-Studios. We think you’ll like us. We can’t wait to meet you.