JV Consultancy Group

For all enquiries please email: Jonathan Viney: jv@jvcg.co.uk

For the last 15 years, we have enjoyed sharing our vast experience and success leading, building, and even dismantling sales teams in B2B sales within SME businesses to Global organisations. The support includes delivering significant value through developing and managing the senior strategic relationship. In addition to effective sales management, we achieve success through designing change plans to meet company objectives to increase market share or launch in new markets and or defend against new competitors.

The key strengths are in developing and managing B2B sales for direct and in-direct channels delivering success through strong sales leadership with a very active approach to leading by example, coaching, and a clear focus on the critical KPI’s.

We look at your business plan and goals, then translate them to your specific business to develop your strategic sales vision and plan to deliver the changes we agree that will work for your company.

We achieve success by breaking new ground, developing the sales team’s skills, working practices, and culture and ensuring improved sales results.

The significant difference about us is that we will not only suggest what you can change, but we will also help you make the changes.

Specialities: Areas of expertise include helping companies:

* Improve their sales performance

* Define sales strategies to achieve company goals

* Define the process to move from Product to Solution sales

* Increase market share

* Achieve growth targets

* Replicate top performance

* Recruit quality salespeople

Founder & Director: Jonathan Viney