Cheltenham International Film Festival

Cheltenham International Film Festival Trust
Midway House
Staverton Technology Park
Herrick Way

The Cheltenham International Film Festival is screening new films and drawing the elite of the film industry; both, highly regarded film industry professionals and widely-known “names”.

One of Britain’s greatest directors, Mike Leigh, is coming as is Josie Rourke, director of Mary Queen of Scots, legendary Enfant Terrible, Steven Berkoff, and well-known directors from Poland, including the respected filmmaker, Jan Komasa.  The Festival opens with a preview of Sometimes Always Never, starring Bill Nighy, who may open the Festival along the film’s producers and directors.

The Festival will be home to filmmakers from around the world, bringing their films to the town’s residents and to an audience of visitors, who will come to Cheltenham as participants, guests and Festival attendees, drawing local, regional and global attention to Cheltenham as a centre for independent film and cinema

Film festivals bring together filmmakers and fans, connect critical work to new audiences and boost local economies.  They are a vital piece of the film ecosystem, and their impact is evident across our culture: providing a platform for new talent, attracting new audiences and promoting tourism and the local economy.

But, while the Festival is our flagship, we intend to work with our partners and supporters throughout the year, to introduce community screenings and an educational programme that impacts children, create opportunities and connect the town through film.

We rely on the generosity of supporters to deliver our mission: “to translate creativity and artistic values into economic and social benefits for the town”.  Join us on our mission and become a Festival sponsor or patron.

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