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BEAF: Before & After.

BEAF make the difference between a smart idea in theory and a living, breathing product or service in reality.

Founded in 2013, our mission is to help established businesses and budding entrepreneurs develop and bring ideas (new products, services or brands) to market and increase their in-house innovation capabilities.

We handle all aspects of the research, design and development of the new product or service, then use our dedicated marketing and sales services to get it on the shelves and seen by customers.

We also run innovation workshops and have helped generate ideas for clients such as Pepsico, Airtel India and Co-op.

Case Study: Eden’s Paper

One of our clients is a commercial printer firm. They were losing margin to large print management companies on a monthly basis and needed a way to stem these losses.

BEAF held an innovation workshop with the client team, where we generated hundreds of new product ideas.

Within six months BEAF had developed and launched a wrapping paper product, that could be planted after use to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers.

Eden’s Paper makes our client a 75% margin on sale. It was shortlisted for a number of product design awards and media coverage reached over 30 million consumers.

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