Manufacturing Focus with Crowe UK – Emerging from uncertain times

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Manufacturing Focus with Crowe UK – Emerging from uncertain times

A manufacturing update and manufacturing report from Circle2Success Official Partners Crowe UK.

The UK manufacturing sector was already facing significant challenges before the global coronavirus pandemic. The timing and impact of Brexit affects all sectors and in particular manufacturing. There are also issues concerning the future of the internal combustion engine, suppressing sales, and therefore production schedules, down the supply chain in the automotive sector.

Our Manufacturing Outlook Report 2020 identified a number of key needs and opportunities across manufacturing sectors. COVID-19 has made these issues even more important when looking to the future.

In fact, the pandemic has brought the need for change into even sharper focus. To survive and thrive, the UK manufacturing industry has needed to change for quite some time, even before the impact of COVID-19, Reinvestment was needed to drive efficiency and global competitiveness and adjust to the realities of transformed, greener technologies and products.

In the manufacturing sector, COVID-19 has:

  • depleted cash and funding reserves
  • increased debt
  • limited traditional customer demand and made that demand uncertain in the future
  • exposed weaknesses in supply chains.

Manufacturers need to take a close look at their products and services and establish where and if competitive advantage can be achieved. They should exploit that advantage where they can and scale back or even abandon, where they cannot.

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We have a range of processes to assist manufacturers in getting back on track, visualising and achieving future goals and the expertise to advise on the tax and accounting issues that derive from the necessary change.

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