Manufacturing Focus Best Practice Visit to Metrasens

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Manufacturing Focus Best Practice Visit to Metrasens

Metrasens are twice Queens Award Winners for Enterprise: International Trade and 2017 Enterprise: Innovation 2018. The World’s Leading Provider of Advanced Magnetic Detection Technologies. Their missions is to be the world’s leading provider of magnetics and metal detection products to revolutionize worldwide safety and security. Founded in 2005 from expertise developed whilst in QinetiQ, they are world leading R&D team in magnetics and metal detection technology, patent protected technology and products and ISO9001 accredited UK manufacturer of state-of-the-art safety and security detection products.

This outstanding manufacturer is set for extraordinary growth  in the coming year, putting personal safety first, a very exciting company indeed. We heard from Martin Coleman CFO/COO and Martin Wood Operations Manager on the challenges of growth and how they need to manage the high growth expected over the next few year. Policies and process will be crucial to maintaining the high levels of service and support they are known for around the world. They manufacture and innovate in Worcestershire and are very proud of their roots, employing 72 staff, 35 in USA & 37 in UK. They have product deployments in over 40 countries with global sales, installation and service capability. They are In top 100 of Britain’s fastest growing SME exporters.

They operate across many sectors from Mental Health, MRI Safety, Counter Terrorism and Physical Data Security to Correction Centers/Prison services, with many more new markets and opportunities untapped as of yet. Metrasens devices can be seen at football stadiums, music concerts, global brand annual conferences, government events and used every day in MRI scanners in hospitals and in Prisons to detect contraband and illegal activity. In fact as we hear more and more about the increase of knife crime and terrorism I can only see this company going from strength to strength and meeting their growth targets. In fact the biggest challenge for them will be managing that growth.

This was a very inspiring visit and exciting to see the opportunities and new markets open to them. Slides and videos to the event can be found on the Circle2Success Asset Bank for members Check out more about this exciting organization and what their technology can do. More exciting Manufacturing Focus visits coming soon!

“We use science to create revolutionary products which make the World a safer place”   Martin Coleman, CFO/COO Metrasens