Leaders Forum – Worcestershire Boardroom with CEO Nick Baxter, Baxter Williams

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Leaders Forum – Worcestershire Boardroom with CEO Nick Baxter, Baxter Williams

Nick was a professional rugby player for many years with Worcester Warriors, was the first player to score 100 National League Tries and after a successful career has transferred his life skills as a team player to the world of business now owning a successful recruitment company, Baxter Williams.

He understands that engagement from your team is imperative to have a successful team, be it on the rugby pitch or in the world of business. Nick now brings together his philosophy and learning to not only place the right people in the right jobs but also embedding the right culture in his own business. He talked to us about his story and journey, lessons learnt along the way and how he implements his thinking into creating an engaged workforce. The session was both informative, insightful, humorous and thought provoking.

Nick asked our business leaders what they thought engagement was and talked about The Sugar lump affect and Sugar Free engagement. Do your people want to build a Catherdral or are they just laying bricks?  Check out the slides on the C2S Asset Bank for members only https://www.circle2success.com/asset/

Nick is happy to talk to members about his session and share his thoughts, please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to find our more.

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A big thank you to Nick for a very motivational, inspiring Leaders Boardroom.