Latest Global Update on COVID 19 from Sibylline (17th June)

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Latest Global Update on COVID 19 from Sibylline (17th June)


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  • World now stands on 8.173 million cases, nearly 444k fatalities, and approaching 4 million recoveries; seven day growth rate holds at just under 13%, while death rate as a percentage of cases continues slowly to fall
  • Identification of an effective, cheap, steroid countermeasure that will ease intense hospital pressure is a positive trigger for our base case, but not a panacea, and disease will remain prevalent absent a vaccine
  • This means that duty of care issues for employers will remain, particularly in the travel sphere; local, swift lockdowns in response to spike in Beijing also show the continued challenges that will rapidly and unpredictably impact businesses
  • The importation of cases to New Zealand, as a result of UK visitors being allowed to break quarantine on compassionate grounds, serves as a further indicator of travel risks and policy issues that stand in the face of more liberal re-opening of tourism and hospitality
  • A viable scenario remains the rapid closure of a resort destination and enforced quarantine, while a failure to react quickly to isolate visitors who have returned to home countries will pose a repeat of the European situation in early March
  • Meanwhile, attention in the UK remains focused on possible reduction in early July of 2 metre distancing to the WHO “standard” 1 metre; policy uncertainty affects businesses seeking to invest in adapting working spaces, and time will be required for this to stabilise, as countries work through a period of adaptation and learning
  • Overall, the situation will remain finely balanced through this quarter, and anticipated increases in travel in July could have rapid consequences in Europe

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