Inspiring #IWD2023 Event

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Inspiring #IWD2023 Event

We love to be inspired! And the annual C2S International Women’s Day event has never let us down, it’s one of our favourite events and we were delighted to be joined by so many people at St Edwards School.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate achievements, to encourage and to be inspired to work together to change the world for the better. Gender is a business issue, not a woman’s issue and that is why we encourage both men and women to join the event, and why we host each year at an educational establishment to link businesses with the next generation and to inspire young people with great role models.

The theme for IWD2023 is #embraceequity. 

We love this illustration on the difference between Quality and Equity. So lets be clear EQUITY AND EQUALITY ARE NOT THE SAME. Equality means everyone is given the same resources or opportunities. However, equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and provides the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome. 

Thank you to our fantastic speakers:

Matthew Burke, Principal, St Edwards School warmly welcomed everyone to the event and spoke about the importance of equity in education.

Gemma Evans, Merchandising Director, Superdry spoke about passion, purpose, your inner compass; imposter syndrome and timing too.  Gemma told us that ‘knowing your value and purpose is the key to unlocking your career goals’.  A personal story of her journey and some tools to help us all.  Connect with Gemma on LinkedIn:

Download Gemma’s Slides: Gemma Evans Slides IWD2023

Natalie King and Nicola Bird, Directors, AccXel told their amazing story and if ever you want to see an example of making the impossible happen (and during COVID) and changing the world of construction, early careers, skills shortages and further education, look no further than these 2 extraordinary leaders. Go and visit AccXel if you get the chance, it’s a game changer.

Find out more about AccXel:

Download Natalie & Nicola’s Slides: Natalie & Nicola slides

Kirsty Day, Director of Recovery, The Nelson Trust told her story, thank you for being so open and what a great example of changing outcomes,you had us both laughing and crying with you. The Nelson Trust does so much to change lives and give lives back to so many people.  Please see who you can support The Nelson Trust: and whenever you are in Cheltenham please use the sober Parrot Cafe: Connect with Kirsty:

Grace Baker, Direct Procurement Team leader, Spirax Sarco shared with us their inclusivity, diversity and equity initiatives, it’s great to see what they they are doing and how they support all of their staff. Thus gaining loyalty, commitment, retention and the ability to attract great talent! Connect with Grace:

Mandy Biddel, Planning Team Lead, Spirax Sarco  talked menopause training with people leaders throughout the business and retaining women. Connect with Mandy:

Download Grace & Mandy’s Slides: Spirax Sarco

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Thank you for joining us!  Please check out all of the pictures from the day:

Listen to UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway as she calls on leaders of the business community worldwide to put women at the heart of economic growth