HR Focus 19th August

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HR Focus 19th August

Our usual monthly HR Focus event with partners HR Champions focused on:

‘Sustainable success comes from engaged people, working individually and together’  

Attendees were asked to look at a some questions:

  • What constitutes ‘best self’ inside work and outside work?
  • What is our best self?
  • How much reflection do you do at what your peers’, direct reports are?
  • It’s tricky to leave all our baggage at home at times…..particularly when you may now be working at home as well. How do you manage this?

We discussed the challenges of remote working and how we might overcome them:

1.Lack of face to face supervision

2.Lack of access to expertise, knowledge, information, a person to bounce off.

3.Social isolation

4.Distractions at home

5.Lack of challenging targets/ sense of purpose… reinforcement of ley messages

6.Mangers ability


8.Individual v team management


10.Unofficial grapevine

11.Group creativity

12.Harnessing Innovation

13.Self leadership

14.Constant communications

15.Individual wellbeing

16.Ensuring colleagues bring their “best self” to work

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HR Focus August 19th slides

We shared some insights from a recent survey by Headspace : A Path Through The Storm

Click here to download the report

COVID-19 revealed that people really do bring their whole selves to work — and employers aren’t prepared

The emotional toll the pandemic has taken on workers who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs — while watching their colleagues be furloughed or let go — is creating global worry about long-term mental health concerns. So, too, is the ongoing racial injustice witnessed in current events shaking the U.S. and other countries. The pandemic and social upheaval have cast a strong light on how employees believe the workplace should support mental health needs for workers and their families.

“Bringing your whole self to work” has taken on a new meaning. Our whole selves come with the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that shapes our daily life.