HR Focus – 14th July 2021

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HR Focus – 14th July 2021

This month we heard from Margaret Adewale. HR Dept on what she is seeing with clients and what she is talking to them about Post 19th July lifting of restrictions.   What are you doing? Are you keeping some things in place?

We will also heard from the team at Nimble E-Learning as they showcased some of their interactive learning software with an opportunity to have a return to work/what is changing training programme. With the potential in the rise in tribunal cases it will be good to have some trackable training and consistent information for your staff.

Watch the recording of the session here:

See Margaret’s slides & Notes:

Returning to work after Covid_Powerpoint

Margaret Adewale – Returning to work after Covid_Notes

Please speak to Margaret if you require any further information or talk directly about your business challenges: 

Website: Outsourced HR Company – Support Services & Advice – The HR Dept Gloucester

Hannah Davies from Nimble E-Learning gave us an overview of a training course they have developed on returning to work/changes to working patterns etc. This can be bespoke to your organisation and is easy to update/change.  It provides consistent information to staff and can be monitored.

Here’s the link for people to view the example course:

Nimble have also written an accompanying article aimed at employers, which you may find of interest:

Anyone who is interested can sign up for a free trial of Nimble Author 2. This will give you access to have a go at editing the course. Should you go on to purchase a Nimble LMS subscription, the course will be available for you to edit as required and assign to all their learners.

Please contact Hannah for more information:

Website: elearning software | elearning platform | Nimble Author & LMS (