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How to create a sales culture – Berkeley Harris, Sandler Training

Our new normal – learning via Zoom. 8 days ago, I hadn’t even heard of Zoom, now i’m zooming several times a day. It just shows how adaptable and resourceful we are.

Berkeley, having used Zoom many times before for sales training, was the perfect host for our inaugural C2S Leaders Forum. Welcoming each delegate in turn, with clear and concise objectives, made for an excellent introduction to the session. Everyone seemed very comfortable and already proficient in the use of this technology.

The session was very much a learning workshop and not a chat room. Berkeley helped us reflect on our current sales culture before taking us through the process of managing change. Excellent case-studies helped us all to identify our “Big 3” and also helped us consider how this should be cascaded through our organisations.

We are in a period of unknown and uncertainty. Sessions like this will help us all to share best practice, knowledge and prepare for the coming months ahead.

Thank you to Berkeley and our delegates for contributing so freely. I feel that everyone felt much more positive after this session, learning new skills to help prepare our businesses for the next stage.

Our next leaders forum will take place on Thursday 26th March at 0900. For C2S members only.

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