FREE webinars for C2S Leaders on the key skills required for effective staff communicate during COVID-19

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FREE webinars for C2S Leaders on the key skills required for effective staff communicate during COVID-19

Michael Donaldson The Value Innovator has been supporting his clients with a free 90-minute interactive webinar on the skills required to communicate with your staff during the Coronavirus.

He has now extended this offer to C2S Leaders whose staff may be on furlough, working from home or still on-site, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of organisations he has spoken to, have sent their HR letters, set up the WhatsApp groups, purchased Zoom and circulated briefing schedules to their leadership team. But very often it’s not what you say or how you say it, that has the greatest impact on people, it’s how you make them feel and that’s down to the individual communication skills of those chosen to deliver the message – because the way you communicate is just as critical as having the right message.

The first peak is believed to have passed (but still needs verifying) and the lockdown extended for a further 3 weeks; but we don’t know how many lockdowns or peaks we may have to endure to defeat this terrible virus – we could still be social distancing in June and then again in the Autumn, we just don’t know.

The humanitarian toll in cases and deaths, closures and restrictions, salaries and shortages has unsettled many emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In reality, we are dealing with two contagions, coronavirus and the emotions it generates – the majority of which are negative and every bit as contagious as the virus.

This webinar is for people responsible for staff communication in their organisations, be they Directors, Team Leaders, or Supervisors.

Those attending will have the opportunity to refresh their existing communication skills and take away new ideas, suggestions and tips that will help them improve their communication skills. Which applied, can help reduce anxiety levels, improve engagement and increase community during this extremely testing time. All of which augurs well for when we come through this pandemic and begin to adjust to the new normal.

Five FREE webinars are available, each webinar will be exclusive to the attending organisation, which increases the value of the time colleagues spend together focused on their coronavirus communications, and ensures they leave with shared actions to take back to the business.

The webinar collates considered thinking from a variety of leading sources (including McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, Amazon, The Economist) along with Michael’s own practical tips gained from many years of communicating with people both onsite and working remotely in the UK, Europe and the Far East, across a variety of sectors, in a variety of situations including bird flu, administration and a couple of military coups.

The content is structured round 3 sessions:
#1 Understand how to support yourself and your colleagues.
#2 Reassure and Motivate.
#3 Communication Skills

The only selection criteria is the organisation’s willingness to release a minimum of 4 of their key communicators (maximum 20) and the only cost is 90 minutes of their time.

If you are interested in this offer, please call Michael Donaldson on 07817 305 122