First Base teams up with Forest Green Rovers

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First Base teams up with Forest Green Rovers

When Tricia Hay and David Tovey sat down to plan the First Base Employment marketing strategy for 2019, teaming up with a football club was a long way down the list of options – in fact it wasn’t even on the list!

In a world where every week there seems to be fresh news stories about business exploiting staff or ripping off customers Tricia and David had decided to refocus in 2019 on making the case for putting business back firmly in the service of society; setting out the need for a kinder, fairer more ethical form of capitalism.

Supporting the local community, ethical business, integrity and social responsibility have long been core values for First Base since founded by Tricia 22 years ago. “I firmly believe that business is part of the community and that business plays an important role in society” said Tricia, MD and founder of First Base “the staff we employ, we as owners and directors, the temporary staff we provide to local employers, the thousands of people we have helped to find job, our clients and suppliers are all part of the local community and business has a wider social impact above and beyond making profits ”. David set out his own views on integrity and ethics in business for all to see in his book “Principled Selling” published by Kogan Page back in 2012.

First Base has always been particularly keen on supporting young people and helping them as they progress from education into the world of work. The team has been involved in many initiatives involving young people and the First Base Leadership Challenge was launched in 2018 to provide free world class coaching to young people working in local SME’s.

It was when reviewing what more could be done to support young people, that the Forest Green Rovers Ambassadors Scheme came up. Every year, FGR recruit a team of new young ambassadors who promote the club and get the message out about all the great things they do on and off the pitch. FGR’s values are of course closely aligned with the beliefs of Dale Vince and of Ecotricity the energy business he founded.

It wasn’t long before a meeting had been arranged with FGR. There was an obvious meeting of minds and a First Base match day was agreed and within a couple of weeks the First Base logo appeared pitch side.

“We have started out on what we hope will be a long term relationship with FGR to promote the values we both believe in” said Tricia “we are both part of the same community and want to encourage more businesses and local entrepreneurs to support our aims”