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Leadership Month – Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Week – The Menopause Impact (On-Line)

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Miss Menopause
  • Date: Thursday 10/03/2022
  • Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
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The Menopause Impact on Mental Health and Well Being

Miss Menopause has been created to fill the void of educational services needed by working women as they reach the menopause.

It’s currently estimated less than 10% of companies across the UK are educating their workforce about the symptoms and impact that menopause may bring.

Who is affected?

All reproducing women will go through the menopause with the average age being 51, however symptoms may begin many years before. Mental health issues can often arise due to menopause as well as a host of other symptoms. Everyone could be impacted by menopause in some way so best practice is to include everyone.

How might this affect me?

Millions of days are being lost to presenteeism, which is driving down productivity. So you won’t find data on this problem as it’s currently hidden. As our workforce ages this is set to increase.

What is the answer?

You are invited to attend an interactive session to learn and understand what makes menopause a wellbeing and mental heath matter and have your questions answered.

Who should attend?

This session is open to everyone and yes that means men too. Menopause will affect us all in some way. So come along and find out how learning about menopause could help you in the workplace and your life in general.

About Sharon MacArthur

Sharon MacArthur is the Owner of Red Handbag which she set up over 7 years ago. She works internationally with leaders in business, helping them to develop their leadership confidence though more effective communication strategies.

Miss Menopause was formed 4 years ago in response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. Sharon works face to face and online around the country with organisations larger and small.

She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITN News and Victoria Derbyshire and is a regular on BBC Radio Newcastle taking about the subject of menopause.

Sharon MacArthur Miss Menopause

Miss Menopause

*This is not a medical service.

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